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Company introduction


Panacell Biotech is the world's leading global
biotechnology company in the fields of regenerative
medicine and biomedicine.

About us

Panacell Biotech provides One-Stop Service from cell storage to cell culture and treatment with excellent own technology.

The best-in-class regenerative medicine breakthrough biotechnology is used to activate immune cells, kill cancer cells, cultivate stem cells, treat many diseases and incurable diseases, and also treat hair loss and skin care.

Company Profile

Date of Incorporation


Registerd Capital

5 billion won

Core Services


High quality service

3 million pt

Panacell Biotech is a global biotechnology company leading the world's advanced regenerative medicine and biopharmaceutical
medicine sectors.

Our best-in-class regenerative medicine's breakthrough biotechnology helps kill cancer cells by activating immune cells, and treat various
diseases and incurable diseases by culturing stem cells. This technology can also be used for hair loss treatment and skincare. Focusing
on research and development, Panacell Biotech invites global biotechnology experts to provide the best regenerative medical services to