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Cell Therapy Services

Cancer Gene

Gene methylation detection

The biggest advantage of the combined detection of "gene methylation +
protein markers" is that it can monitor the real-time status of precancerous
lesions and cancer throughout the whole process, and will promptly reflect
whether there is cancer in the subject and the trend of cancer. Practical
cancer early screening technology.

Cancer Genetic

and Immunotherapy

Pain Treatment

Anti aging treatment


Retinal disease

Skin/Hair Loss

Gene methylation monitoring:
opening a new era of early diagnosis and intervention of tumors


Normal cells

Reversible process

Tumor suppressor
gene Methylation


Oncogene expression upregulation


Cancer cell

Our advantage

Clinical cooperation and application of large Korean hospitals The world's leading gene methylation diagnosis team has gathered 20 years of international tumor
research and development technology and many achievements

Applicable people

More suitable for asymptomatic people for early cancer screening

Asymptomatic population

People with normal physical examination,
people over 40 years old, people with family
history of cancer

Bad habits

Heavy drinking, smoking, staying up late;
irregular meals, overeating; high-salt, pickled,
smoked, fried foods, etc.

Symptomatic people

People with digestive tract, respiratory tract and chronic diseases

Test service process Draw 10ml of venous blood at a time

step 01

Appointment for
blood collection

step 02

Blood Draw

step 03

Monitoring and

step 04

a report

step 05


Anticancer Management and Immunotherapy

First generation cancer treatment

Chemical anticancer agent

Cancer cell


Cancer cell eradication

Second generation cancer treatment

Targeted Anticancer Therapy



Cancer cell eradication

Cancer cell eradication

Third generation cancer treatment

Immune anticancer therapy

Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment

Anti-cancer immunotherapy effect

Pain relief

Enhance appetite
and restore

Boost immunity
and rebuild

Inhibit tumor

Prevent metastasis
and recurrence


Joint/Muscle Pain Treatment

Joint inflammation, the era of stem cell therapy!

Arthritis is inflammation that occurs due to various causes such as trauma or
degeneration of cartilage that protects joints.
When cartilage is subjected to repeated impacts, the strength of the cartilage is
reduced and damaged, resulting in degenerative changes. In the case of
degenerative knee arthritis, treatment that relieves pain and prevents deformation
by maintaining joint function is required.

Mesenchymal cartilage stem cell regenerative treatment effect

Cartilage regeneration

Relief the pain

Ligament strengthening

Inflammation treatment

Cartilage defect, new medical technology registration treatment

New medical technology registration treatment

Autologous bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of patients with cartilage defects Ministry of Health and Welfare Announcement
No. 2012-1 (miracle cells) Cartilage damage caused by trauma, osteochondritis dissecans.

Anti Aging Treatment
Healthy blood vessels, healthy body!

Modern medical research is paying attention to "aging", the source of all diseases.
In the century-old era, "stem cells" are the answer to health and longevity!

Autologous bone marrow stem cells for the treatment of patients with cartilage defects Ministry of Health and
Welfare Announcement No. 2012-1 (miracle cells) Cartilage damage caused by trauma, osteochondritis dissecans.

If a blood vessel is blocked

Blood clots and narrowing of blood vessels caused by cholesterol When hard, it blocks
the smooth movement of cells. It can lead to high blood pressure, blood circulation disorders,
arteriosclerosis and heart failure.

When administering stem cells

Stem cells transplanted into blood vessels circulate throughout the body through blood
vessels. It focuses more on areas that need regeneration and creates new blood vessels
where blood supply is insufficient to help ensure a smooth supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Stem Cell Anti-aging Injection

When blood vessels are clean and healthy, cells can move easily and provide enough
nutrients and oxygen. Early management of vascular disease is important because more
than 70% of vascular disease is destroyed before symptoms appear.

Parkinson's Disease

Cell transplant surgery is also one of the treatments for Parkinson's disease.
Cell therapy using stem cells is currently under active research and is expected
to be a promising treatment in the future.

Retinal Diseases

Retinal degenerative diseases can cause blindness and bring great suffering to patients.
There have been many literature reports on the use of mesenchymal stem cells in DR animal experiments and clinical cases.
The results show that mesenchymal stem cells have a good protective and repairing effect on retinopathy, mainly reflected in:

Damaged cells can be replaced by directed differentiation of
mesenchymal stem cells

The neuroprotective effect of mesenchymal stem cells can delay or
reduce the damage of retinal tissue

Function of mesenchymal stem cells migrating to damaged tissue
and inflammation

Skin/Hair Loss Treatment

Stem cell skin anti-aging

As we age, skin continues to age and
collagen, elastin, and subcutaneous fat decrease, leading to sagging, wrinkles,
dullness, and hyperpigmentation. With stem cell treatment, you can expect
effects such as anti-aging, skin regeneration, skin barrier enhancement, collagen
regeneration, elasticity, and wrinkle improvement for the whole body of the skin.

Stem cell skin anti-aging

When stem cells are infused into the dermis, they create new blood vessels and increase blood flow, which activates
abundant growth factors and regenerates tissue. It helps activate elastin and collagen components in the dermis to
enhance skin regeneration and make it elastic.

Regenerate skin

Stem cell therapy has the effects of brightening skin tone, improving fine lines, and increasing elasticity, and has
excellent regeneration ability for scars, wounds, and burned skin. Stem cells inject elasticity and vitality into every
cell that makes up the skin! At Peancell Biotech, the procedure is performed by injecting specialized stem cells
directly into the area in need of intensive regeneration or by intravenous injection.

Stem Cell Wrinkle Improvement

The advantage of stem cell anti-wrinkle surgery is that the face is naturally
corrected through collagen regeneration without side effects. Stem cell fillers
or fat grafts can further enhance the effect if they make up for the lack of volume.
If the skin has sagged due to aging, thread lifting and stem cell therapy can be
combined. It can be corrected, and the advantage is that non-incision surgery
recovers quickly.

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

The fundamental solution to hair loss is to directly inject stem cells into the hair
follicles to prevent hair follicles from degenerating, and to provide nutrients to
the surrounding blood vessels to make breast cells healthy.